Let k be a positive real number and letA = 2k-1 2(k^1/2) 2(k^1/2) 2(k^1/2) 1 -2k -2(k^1/2) 2k -1B = 0 2k-1 (k^1/2) 1-2k 0 2(k^1/2) -(k^1/2) -2(k^1/2) 0if |adj A| + |adj B| = 10^6, then [k] = ?

Let k be a positive real number and letA =    2k-1             2(k^1/2)           2(k^1/2)         2(k^1/2)        1                     -2k          -2(k^1/2)      2k                    -1B =    0                  2k-1                  (k^1/2)         1-2k              0                       2(k^1/2)         -(k^1/2)       -2(k^1/2)           0if |adj A| + |adj B| = 10^6, then [k] = ?

Grade:12th pass

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Amit Jain
askIITians Faculty 32 Points
9 years ago
If possible, please take a photo of the question and upload it. Amit Jain IIT Delhi AskIITians Faculty

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