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best book for complete theory of probability for iit jee

best book for complete theory of probability for iit jee


2 Answers

Nishant Vora IIT Patna
askIITians Faculty 2467 Points
6 years ago
Gone are the days of books buy our self study package wherein we give recorded Video Lecture and Video solutions to 30 question from probability at a minimum price in market

go to this link for more info
mycroft holmes
272 Points
6 years ago
This is wrong advice to give. Golden rule in mathematics is to ‘learn from the masters’ i.e. read their textbooks. You can market the study packges (which by the way tends to be material filched from various such sources without acknowledgement) since this is your site. But you dont get to come in the way of student’s learning with misguided statements like “gone are the days of books”. 
Please delete your comment, or give an honest answer that the student deserves.

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