the no. of evan divisors of 1600 are: (a)18 (b)21 (c)3 (d)none ans: a

the no. of evan divisors of 1600 are:

(a)18 (b)21 (c)3 (d)none

ans: a


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Badiuddin askIITians.ismu Expert
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13 years ago

Dear shefali



so number of all divisors =(7+1)(2+1) =21

 but these diviser also include    1,50,52 ie  1,5,25

  which is not even 

so even divisior =21-3 =18

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Anjana Priya
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4 years ago
I think the process mentioned above is correct, but the calculation is not clear  That is,
      1600=2^6 × 5^2           (not 2 raised by 7)
Number of divisors=(6+1)(2+1)=21
And finally minus 3 as explained above.
So, the final answer is 21-3=18
Thanks  for considering my view. 

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