X^2+y^2=36 is a function or not .why?

X^2+y^2=36 is a function or not .why?


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jitender lakhanpal
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9 years ago

hi chase

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sidddhant singh
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9 years ago
NO ITS NOT A FUNCTION TRICK: 1-First draw a graph of this given function clearly this represent equation of circle (if you not studied this just refer class11 NCERT)            2-this graph comes out to be circle with centre as origin and radius as 6 (equation of circle x^2+y^2=6^2)                                          3-Now till here if any dificulty then please read just about this equation in NCERT the next steps are as simple as that           4-Now just draw a line parallel to y axsis on the anywhere on the circle           5-You may see that the line parallel to y axis intersect the graph at two points this represent that the equation is not a function    REMEMBER: If any line parallel to y axis intesect the graph at 2 or more than two points then then the given function can NEVER BE A FUNCTION

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