which is greater 2+3i or 9+1i ? & why

which is greater 2+3i or 9+1i ? & why


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shubham chhabra
31 Points
10 years ago

WE CANNOT TELL THAT WHICH ONE IS GREATER BECAUSE i(iota) is an imaginary function it doesnot have a fixed value.

Chetan Mandayam Nayakar
312 Points
10 years ago

Technically, complex numbers cannot be compared regarding size/(greater/smaller). Only the absolute values can be compared, not the numbers themselves. This is a postulate.

sai nath reddy pemmaka
34 Points
10 years ago

9+1i is greater than 2+3i since complex numbers are like vectors only...

renu akunuri
37 Points
10 years ago

9+i is greater than 2+3i ,because we first give importance to real part .
in this 9 >2 ,

so we can easly  say that 9+i is greater.

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