10th term of the progression -4-1+2+5+------------

10th term of the progression -4-1+2+5+------------


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Dear jayku kumar,

The Formula for finding the nth term in Arithmetic Progression is given by

an = a1 + (n-1)d


an is the value of the nth term

a1 is the value of the first term

n is the nth term

d is the difference 


In this case, a1 = -4, d = (a2 -a1) = 3, n=10

Therefore substituting these values,we get the value of the nth term(an)

Therefore, an = -4 + (10-1)3

                   = -4 +(9)3

                   = -4+ 27

                   = 23

Hence the 10th term is 23.


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the given sequence is an AP with a1= -4 and d= 3. We have find out the 10th term of this sequence.

So an = a1 + (n-1)d. Here n=10. 

So a10= -4 + 9×3 =23

Hence the 10th term of this sequence is 23



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