if 2(a-b) + x(b-c)^2 + (c-a)^3 = 2(a-d) + (b-d)^2 + (c-d)^3 then a) x>=16 b)-8 =16

if 2(a-b) + x(b-c)^2 + (c-a)^3 = 2(a-d) + (b-d)^2 + (c-d)^3 then

a) x>=16   b)-8<=x<=16    c)x<=-8   d)x<=-8 or x>=16


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Viral A. Parmar
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12 years ago

i am going to tell you how to solve all this type of q.

Best method according to me is substiute answers in q.

first assume any values of a,b,c,d (because it is in jounral so u can assume any it would be correct only)

then try putting all possibilities of x given in answer which satisfy that would be your answer thats it.....


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