economics write a short note on indirect oral investigation

economics write a short note on indirect oral investigation 


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Chetan Mandayam Nayakar
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10 years ago

When the mentioned method cannot be used either on account of the reluctance of persons to part with information when approached directly, or on account of the extensive scope of the enquiry or on account of some other reason an indirect oral examination can be conducted. In this method data are not collected directly from the persons concerned but through indirect sources. Persons who are supposed to have knowledge about the problem under investigation are interrogated and the desired information is collected. Usually in such enquiries a small list of questions relating to the investigation is prepared and these questions are put to different persons (known as witnesses) and their answers are recorded. Most of the commissions and committees appointed by the Government to collect statistical data or to carry on such investigations in which factual data have to be compiled, make use of this method. They request different types of people to come and give evidences and on the basis of these records, facts about different problems are ascertained. In such enquiries the evidence of one person should not be relied upon and the views of a number of persons should be ascertained to find out the real position.  

Godfrey Classic Prince
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10 years ago

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