solve it root x + y= 11 and x + root y =7

solve it root x + y= 11 

and x + root y =7 


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Aman Bansal
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12 years ago

Dear Keshav,

Root X + y = 7
Root Y = 11

Thus, x + y = 7^2 (bring square root over, becomes squared)
and y = 11^2 (again square root over)

So we then know that y = 121
Sub it in:

x + y = 49
x +121=49
x =49 - 121
x = -72

So we now know y = 121 and x = -72

Best Of luck

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Aman Bansal

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keshav kr
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10 years ago
wrong ans by iitian
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10 years ago
Equation 1- Root(x+y)=11 Equation 2- x+root y=7 squaring both sides of equation 1 we get (x+y)=121->1. (x+root y)=7->2. Subtracting 1. From 2. Y-root y=114 root y(root y-1)=114 so either root y=114 or root y =114+1=115 so root y=114 or 115 squaring both sides y=(114)^2 or(115)^2 similarly find x by putting value of y in any of the equations. Please approve my answer by clicking approved if you liked it.
Ranvir Sharma
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8 years ago
Vinod yadav
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6 years ago
Fist equation was just root x + y(separate) = 11.. so after squaring,how can u have just x + y on is not the whole root of x + y.... Such a silly mistake...didn`t expect it on this forum...
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6 years ago
Firstly take √x=m and take √y=t and the modified equation is m+t^2=11 and m^2+t=9 after solving these two equation u will get x=4 and y=9.
Vinod yadav
12 Points
6 years ago
Just writing that after solving you will get the answer as 4& 9 is not sufficient. Show the steps and justify ....

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