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domain, range, graph

domain, range, graph


1 Answers

Pratham Ashish
17 Points
12 years ago

  hi ,

graph is a relation between two sets of values ,  it may be any mathematical function or any other type of relation....    
domain is the set which is converted by that function into another set  , which is called codomain  . all the possible values in codomain  would  be inbetween  some minimum & maximum  , which is called range.

eg  let a set be      X=   { 2,4, -1, 3, 6, 78}        & a function is given as  f :  y = x^2 -1 

 this function  f  converts  set X    into a set Y   as we   get different   y's   by putting different x's in the function  

eg:    y  for  x = 4  will be calculated as   (  4^2 -1) = 15

so our Y will be {3, 15, 0, 8, 35, 6083}    the value of y lies in between 0 & 6083    so this will be the range  of the given function for the given domain , which is our X   &  Y is codomain.

 In sort you can think domain as the values which x can take for a given function

& range is the values dat y can take for d given values of x  .

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