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Grade: 12
        what is difference between permutation & combination. Iam highly confussed while applying them.Please reply at my new id i.e
10 years ago

Answers : (1)

Pratham Ashish
17 Points


In combination , only things matters not their order

whereas  in permutation order of things also matters

for eg. if there are four diffrent things named    a,b,c, d .

&we have to form groups of three out of them

 if we don,t take care of order  groups can be    a,b,c


                                                                        b, c, d etc

but we can,t  further add   a,c,b  in this group coz it will be same as   a,b,c.

 now if we consider the order in which a,b & c are written ,then a,b,c   &  a,c,b  are two different permutations but same combination.Here 6 permutations are possible for each combination in this example,[(abc),(acb),(bac),(bca),(cab),(cba)], but all these are same in terms of der combinations.



10 years ago
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