tell me where and how to apply

tell me where and how to apply


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sushant singh
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12 years ago

hi mayank..i think you need to first check your intrest then we can actually help you reaching to that choice...

 may be what we suggest won;t be in accordance to your liking . So , i will request u to explore yourself 

Ashwin Sinha
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12 years ago

Dear Mayank,

  AM, GM inequalities should be used when something is asked in que. about max. or min. value of d product of d 2 no.!!!!!!!!


                Good Luck!!!!!!!!


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12 years ago

whenever there is an inequality u may use..


try 2 use in every inequality question u face. slowly u will understand where 2 use and where not.


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lee lee
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12 years ago

when given: variables/numbers are positve, and the question asks maximum or minimum value.and u can find from given info the sum / product of variables/numbers.

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