solve for x : (A) 2x^2 +3x-2 >=0 (b) x+3>2x-1

solve for x :

(A) 2x^2 +3x-2 >=0

(b) x+3>2x-1


1 Answers

Sanjeev Malik IIT BHU
101 Points
11 years ago

a)   2x2+ 3x-2>=0

for solving this make its factors as,

= (2x-1)(x+2)>=0 then on the number line menti0n the roots and check the sign of equation in different regions

eg. in region 3 any value will give positive value.

thus value of x is from (-~,-2] U [1/2,+~). ie the region satisfying condition.

b) x<4 so value is (-~,4).

for common solution take common region in both

here final solution is (-~,-2].



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