If α and β are the roots of the equation, 2x 2 –3x –6 =0, then equation whose roots are α 2 +2, β 2 +2 is

   If α and β  are the roots of the  equation,  2x2 –3x –6 =0, then equation whose roots  are  α2+2, β2 +2  is< how to solve


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dvm srikant
39 Points
12 years ago

friend its we have formula 

x2 –x{a+b}+ab where a and b are roots of eq then find  a and b from the eq and substitute in a sruare +2 and b square +2 and apply above formula (a=alpha b=beta}                     pls approve

mounika gajawada
31 Points
12 years ago

usin sum of roots and product of roots required eqn will be of form x2+(α22+4)x + (α2+2)*(β2+2)=0 

jagdish singh singh
173 Points
12 years ago

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