Solve the inquality: (3-x) / (15-x)^1/2 The solution has to be of form (a,b)

Solve the inquality: 

(3-x) / (15-x)^1/2 <1

The solution has to be of form (a,b)


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AskiitiansExpert Milanshu
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14 years ago

(3-x) / (15-x)^1/2 <1

(3-x)  <(15-x)^1/2


(3-x)2  <|15-x|

case 1: x<15

(3-x)2  <15-x

therefore we get by solving this equation

x = (6,-1)

case 1: x>15

(3-x)2  <x-15

therefore we get,

x=(7+145^1/2)/2 , (7-145^1/2)/2

but both are less than 15,

thus no solution from this case

thus final answer is (6,-1)

mycroft holmes
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14 years ago

I would like to point out that necessarily 15-x>0. So the case x>15 is redundant

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