Hi I am shruti ....i want the explanation for the Linear Programming !!!!!

Hi I am shruti ....i want the explanation for the  Linear Programming !!!!!





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dheeraj gupta
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15 years ago

Here is a complete explanation of Linear Programming (LP) Problem

A linear programming problem is one in which we are to find the maximum or minimum value of a linear expression

ax + by + cz + . . .

(called the objective function), subject to a number of linear constraints of the form

Ax + By + Cz + . . .≤ N


Ax + By + Cz + . . .≥ N.

The largest or smallest value of the objective function is called the optimal value, and a collection of values of x, y, z, . . . that gives the

optimal value constitutes an optimal solution. The variables x, y, z, . . . are called the decision variables.


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