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Rajat Goel Grade: 11

In how many ways 7 persons can be selected from 5 indian, 4 british and 2 chinise, if atleast 2 are to be selected from each country.

7 years ago

Answers : (2)

Puneet Mittal AskiitiansExpert-IITD
22 Points

Hi Rajat,

The answer is :

At least 2 persons have to be slected form each country so :

ways of selecting 2 persons from 5 indians is 5C2

ways of selecting 2 persons from 4 british is 4C2

ways of selecting 2 persons from 2 chinese is 2C2 

Thus ways of slecting 6 persons form entire group is   5C2 * 4C2 * 2C2 

Now 1 person has to be selected from remaing 3 Indians and 2 british and 0 chinese

possible way of selceting 1 person is 5C1

Thus final answer to select 7 persons is 5C2 * 4C2 * 2C2 *  5C1

Please feel free to ask as many questions you have.



7 years ago
Rajat Goel
31 Points

hey I have answer booklet (not solution). And in it answer given is "100".


My one frnd has suggested me the solution as:

you have to choose two chinese forced, at least two british and two indians, and one between british or indian. so you have

1*4C2*4C2*(3+2)=180    the last term: 3 indians+2 british....


But its also wrong

7 years ago
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