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Why there is 2 type of equation for plane progressive wave?

Why there is 2 type of equation for plane progressive wave?

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Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Vikas TU
14149 Points
2 years ago
Dear student 
Progressive wave is a type of transverse wave . which can propagate easily in string where y (x, t) is displacement 
a is amplitude 
w is angular frequency or velocity
k is phase constant 
@ initial phase 
A wave which travels continuously in a medium in the same direction without any change in its amplitude is called aprogressive wave or a traveling wave. Aprogressive wave may be transverse or longitudinal in nature.Suppose that a planesimple harmonic wave travels from origin O along the positive direction of X-axis

The equation for progressive wave is=kx-ωt={2π/(Lambda)}(x-vt).

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