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What will happen i wrote rollno.wrong in omrbut bubbled correctly

What will happen i wrote rollno.wrong in omrbut bubbled correctly


1 Answers

123 Points
2 years ago
Actually , there is a good news, as well , as a bad news for you...
if u wrote roll no. wrong and bubbled it correctly , most of the times, the roll no. bubbled will be accepted.
as things like roll no. name etc. are matched before sending omr for evaluation.
also, if there is a diffrence between bubbled and entered details, details are matched from the database and then , evaluation is processed.
now listen the bad news...
it just depends on authorities. i.e which exam you are appearing for.
some authorities do not verify details before evaluation...
so there are chances of both a wropng result and a correct result out of this error.
but fortunately, chances of a correct result are far more than that of incorrect result.
hope you got your answer. in case of any query , please comment back...

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