What is the syllabus for kvpy. SC stream for Nov 2016??

What is the syllabus for kvpy. SC stream for Nov 2016??


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Nishant Vora IIT Patna
askIITians Faculty 2467 Points
7 years ago

As such, no particular syllabus is prescribed for the written test. However the course content is only what the student has learnt till Class 12. The main objective of this test is to test the understanding and analytical ability of the student rather than his/her factual knowledge. Physics Mathematics Chemistry

Umakant biswal
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7 years ago
@ chandrasekhar 
Kvpy doesnot have any perticular syllabus, so, u need to be through with the bescconcept starting frm class 9th onwads . 
as such just focus on gravitation part , mainly mechanics and kinematics from physics , beacuse more than 40 percent ques in phy are coming from their . 
and in chemi u need to well through in thermodynamics ,, equilibrium , and chemical bonding , also structure of atom (quantum number concept ) 
and in biology – be through with anatomy and physiology of plants , human physiology ( respiratory sys are very very imp ) , and in maths go with trigonometry , limit and derivatives , integration and complex number . 
these are must of the high weightage topics in KVPY , rest after covering these u have to practice previous year papers which are avaliable in askiitian site itself . 

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