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Grade: 11
what is the m value for 2px,2py, 2pz orbitals, various type of d orbitals there any formula to find this?
one year ago

Answers : (2)

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Orbitals with subshell quantum number l = 1 are called p orbitals. Since the magnetic quantum number m can be -1, 0, or +1 when the value of the subshell quantum number l is one, p orbitals come in sets of three. In each set, one of the orbitals is aligned along each of the three mutually perpendicular axes of the atom; these axes are traditionally designated x, y, and z. The three 2p orbitals are correspondingly designated 2px, 2py, and 2pz

one year ago
Aastha Singh
askIITians Faculty
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dear student,
for finding the ‘m’ value, formula is = 2l+1
where ‘l’ is the azimuthal quantum no.
in case of ‘p’ orbital ‘l’ is 1 
therefore 2(1)+1= 3
that means 3 m values including 0 at mean will be= +1, 0, -1
similarly for ‘d’ orbitals, 2l+1 value= 2(2)+ 1= 5
5 m values with 0 at mean = -2, -1, 0 +1, +2
one year ago
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