What is the key difference btw ecosystem and biosdiversity

What is the key difference  btw ecosystem and biosdiversity


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  • Biodiversity refers to all the different species on the planet as well as the differences between all the plants and animal of one species.
  • Biodiversity on a small scale (within one species) is the genetic differences such as a longer tail,smaller claws,thicker bone structure.
  • On a larger scale (Between species) is the difference in how they feed, breed,and general behavioural and psychological adaptations.

Therefore we can say, biodiversity is the difference of our biological world (all the animals and plants in it) .

Ecology/Ecosystem is somewhat similar to biodiversity but it has one major difference.

Ecosystem refers to the RELATIONSHIP between plants and animals in a certain HABITAT. These are the Food Chain(dependency on eachother who eats what), Co-living spaces or competitive relationships such as fight for resources. Therefore, Ecosystem is relationship between species in a Habitat.

To simplify further:

Biodiversity -GENETIC or PHYSICAL Differences of animals and plants within species, between species.

Ecosystem- includes RELATIONSHIP in a HABITAT between the LIVING ORGANISM as well as the NON LIVING THINGS that INTERACT with EACH AREA in a given environment or area.

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