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Demodulation is the process is used in the receivers to recover the original signal coming from the sender end in modulating form. We can say that its function is opposite to that of modulation process.

Signal transmission is done by superimposing the signal on a carrier wave. This is done by using any one method from the number of available modulation methods. Then after modulation these amplified signals are transmitted successfully with the help of a transmitting antenna.

When the signals reach the destination i.e. at the receiver end, then the signal strength will be very less. This weak signal is amplified with the help of other signals. After amplification this signal is filtered from the other signals which were used earlier to modify it. When the signal becomes ready for demodulation process, then the below steps are performed for demodulation. These steps are basically the functions of the receiver:

• Demodulating and amplifying the received signal.
• Filtering of the original received signal from the non necessary signals.
• Proper display of the received signal after the completion of demodulation process.

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