Tell me the process of C4 cycle And about blood circulayion in human body

Tell me the process of C4 cycle
And about blood circulayion in human body

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AC4plant is a plant thatcyclescarbon dioxide into four-carbon sugar compounds to enter into the Calvincycle. These plants are very efficient in hot, dry climates and make a lot of energy. Many foods we eat areC4plants, like corn, pineapple, and sugar cane

Theblood circulatory system(cardiovascular system) deliversnutrientsandoxygento allcellsin the body. It consists of theheartand theblood vesselsrunning through the entire body. Thearteriescarry blood away from the heart; theveinscarry it back to the heart. The system of blood vessels resembles a tree: The “trunk,” the mainartery(aorta), branches into large arteries, which lead to smaller and smaller vessels. The smallest arteries end in a network of tiny vessels, thecapillarynetwork.
There is not only oneblood circulatory systemin the human body, but two, which are connected: Thesystemic circulationprovidesorgans,tissuesandcellswith blood so that they getoxygenand other vital substances. Thepulmonary circulationis where the fresh oxygen we breathe in enters the blood. At the same time,carbon dioxideis released from the blood.

Blood circulationstarts when theheartrelaxes between two heartbeats: blood flows from bothatria(the upper twochambersof the heart) into theventricles(the lower two chambers) which then expand. The following phase is called ejection period, which is when both ventricles pump the blood into the largearteries.

In thesystemic circulation, the leftventriclepumpsoxygen-richbloodinto the mainartery(aorta). The blood travels from the main artery to larger and smallerarteriesinto thecapillarynetwork. There the blood releases oxygen,nutrientsand other important substances and takes oncarbon dioxideand waste substances. The blood, which is now low in oxygen, is now collected inveinsand travels to the right atrium and into the right ventricle.

Nowpulmonary circulationstarts: The rightventriclepumpsbloodthat carries littleoxygeninto thepulmonary artery, which branches off into smaller and smallerarteriesandcapillaries. The capillaries form a fine network around the pulmonaryvesicles, grape-like airsacsat the end of the airways. This is wherecarbon dioxideis released from the blood into the air contained in the pulmonary vesicles and fresh oxygen enters the bloodstream. When we breathe out, carbon dioxide leaves our body. Oxygen-rich blood travels through thepulmonary veinand the left atrium into the left ventricle. The nextheartbeat starts a new cycle ofsystemic circulation.

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