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Grade: 12th pass
Please please please solve this QN based on electrochemistry chapter electrolytic cell topic of physical chemistry photo is attached
For the cell Ag|Ag+|AgCl|Cl-|Cl2,Pt ;
∆G(AgCl)= -109 kJ/mol
∆G(Cl-)= -129kJ/mol
∆G(Ag+)= 78 kJ/mol
E° of cell is
(a) -0.60V  (b) 0.60V  (c) 6.0V  (d)NOT
one year ago

Answers : (2)

askIITians Faculty
478 Points
							Dear Student,
Correct answer is b
First calculate the delta G change for the given reaction
Ag+ +Cl- gives AgCl
G change for the reaction is -58KJ/mol (on solving products – reaction)
Use Delta G=-nFE
Solve E
which will come out to be 0.6 V
one year ago
Vallakatla Aditya
103 Points
Hello student,
the answer goes like
∆G of the reaction can be written as ∆G(products)-∆G(reactants)
and∆G=-nfE here n is the number electrons transferred i.e.,1 here
and F= 96500C
solvin for the∆G(reaction)=-58kj
and we get the answer E=0.6V
one year ago
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