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In order to get air 1 how many tests should I answer before ,24 July 72 too few..?

In order to get air 1 how many tests should I answer before ,24 July 72 too few..?

Grade:12th Pass

2 Answers

Suraj Prasad IIT Patna
askIITians Faculty 286 Points
5 years ago
See, its not about the no. of tests you give, its actually how you improve yourself after the tests. After every test try to improve your performance and the only you can expect a good AIR. Also AIR 1 is all about how much hardwork you do . Its all in your hands only.
Umakant biswal
5359 Points
5 years ago
@ sherry 
Donot target AIR 1 from now , even the toppers actually not . do hardwork beacuse that is in your hands right now , and after every test analyse your mistake and try to work upon it . 
and u need to remember that the practice that u are doing must be of a real time practice . 
what do i mean by real time practice is , take a xerox of 10 xerox copy of OMR sheet and pick out 1 of them in every level of practice . 
beacuse in that case the time that u are taking for bubbling will also be counting here . 
and simoultaneously revise and do hardwork , and donot forget to do the previous year paper , as they are most imp . specially the 2013 one . 
and most importantly , donot neglect the sleep and also take appropriate food , which can balance your brain . 

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