how will i deal with neet 2 in just 1 month ..i am just passed my 12 th

how will i deal with neet 2 in just 1 month ..i am just passed my 12th

Grade:12th pass

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Umakant biswal
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7 years ago
@ bharat 
i donot think u will face any problem in neet 2 if u studies class 12 properly and at least remembered class 11 by 40- 50 percent , 
in this 1 month what u can do is pick out 4-5 practice test paper , that should be of 720 marks and do it one by one and analyse the mistake . 
then after doing that u will come to know in which topic you are weak it , then start doing previous year questions from that topics only and if possible overlook once ncert , 
as NEET is completely based upon ncert syllabus , u need to take ncert as your main book . 
after that take out atleast last 5 years of pmt papers and start doing that , by this u will gain confidence on how to attend biology in exams , as bio have the highest marks weightage in NEET . 
and keep revising the organic conversion and name reaction daily , they require daily revision , if u leave that one day u will forget 20 percent . 
in physics focus mainly on calculation based question as paper will be little bit calculated everytime , 
not that much of high level , but the ques will be like that of putting formula and getting the answer . 
so, u need to know when to use which formula .. 

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