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Can Anybody Suggest me Some revision tips for AIPMT Biology??????????/

 Can Anybody Suggest me Some revision tips for AIPMT Biology??????????/


3 Answers

Anjali Ahuja
askIITians Faculty 240 Points
5 years ago
Hi Dear Student
Time management is all you need.
Set a particular time for a particular topic.Give more time for difficult one. Practice mcqs as much you can do.
Learn the facts appropriately. Because in biology you can have questions which are based upon facts. If you have anough time, go for detailed study or if you don't have much time study in brief and then practice papers, You can also have study material from our website for saving your time for collecting data.
You can go over the link here →
384 Points
5 years ago
          first you learn basics of the biology then go to studying meterial.i know some topics that are topics in human biology is the main important chek on other websites.
Prabhakar ch
577 Points
5 years ago
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