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Grade: 12th pass
        A pharmaceutical oxide drug contains 24% oxygen .The minimum molar mass of the drug is..1)242)66.663)1804)103...plz explain
2 years ago

Answers : (1)

Aabid Hussain
askIITians Faculty
569 Points

Let's say the mass of the compound is x. By mass, it contains 24 % oxygen. The atomic mass of oxygen is 16g.
Let there be 100g compond in which there is 24 g oxygen.
(To take the minimum mass, assume that there is 1 oxygen atom in it )
But, actually it's 16 g not 24 g.
So, using unitary method,
If 24 g of oxygen = 100g of compound
16g of oxygen = x gram of compound.

Solving for x:
X= 100*16/24 = 66.66

Hence, the mass of compound is 66.66g.
one year ago
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