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Grade: 12th Pass
A block of mass m kg is kept on a weighing machine in an elevator. If the elevator is retarding upward by a m/s², the reading of weighing machine is
(1) mg
(2) m(g-a)
(3) m(1-a/g)
(4) m(g+a)
one year ago

Answers : (5)

askIITians Faculty
2095 Points
							Dear student,

Elevator retarding upwards means that it is accelerating downwards with magnitude ‘a’. Hence block experience pseudo force ma upwards. Hence the reading of wieghing machine= m(g-a)
one year ago
Mohd Suhail Ali
13 Points
As lift goes upward net acc. is  g+a
But here a is retarding so -a should be taken so it will be g-a
Hence, N=m(g-a)  
In kgf the weighing machine reading= m(1-a/g) 
one year ago
nishant narkar
102 Points
The normal force tge acts on the blocl is m{g-a}
Therefore the weight shown will be m{g-a} please upvote
one year ago
13 Points
here is ur solution for the question . kindly do upvte . this is just formula based and a easy problem
one year ago
Srishti sharma
13 Points
Since it is moving upward , therefore
N= m(g+a)
And weighing machine measures Normal reaction not weight if a person . It measures weight in non inertial frame of reference where a = 0 .
So option no 4 is correct .
Thank you 😊
10 months ago
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