what are the best preparations i can do for aiims

what are the best preparations i can do for aiims


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Raheema Javed
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9 years ago
Aspirants should fully know the pattern of the exam to prepare in the right direction from the first day itself.
Negative marks would be in the play where wrong answers and picking more choices than one would be penalized to bring down the chances of cracking the exam.
Candidates should clear their basics through standard books of class 12th under all the given subjects.
Solving more and more multiple choice questions at home is the first step towards success and it helps in time-management besides preparing students for the examination.
Every subject should be mixed in a right way to solve questions with ease. Besides solving questions on subject wise, students should mix questions of all subjects to do them for the sake of speed and benefit.
Never forget to solve old question papers and they often give a good idea about the likelier questions to come in the exam.
Once you reach the target of solving 100 questions a day, step up the limit to do 150 after few weeks, and then take it to 200 and so on to remain true to the preparation.
Do not try and start a new topic. Concentrate on revising the topics you have already covered.
Students should prepare separate quick revision notes for each subject, to help their last minute revision.
The students should avoid over-stressing themselves by going beyond the syllabus and learning extra topics.

While hard work will yield results, smart work is also necessary to ace this exam. Below are some tips that will help you sail through AIIMS MBBS 2014.

The exam has no specific curriculum. You can expect to be faced with questions pertaining to theories, formulae and postulates from all the science subjects you studied in school. So, bring out all your old text books and make sure you are familiar with the fundamentals. Move on to other study material only after you are through with your school basics.
Coaching centres provide you with daily/weekly routines to follow. Following this will instill a competitive spirit in you and motivate you to study better.
Solving a minimum of about 300 questions on a daily basis is the tried and tested method to get to the top. Solving questions gives you knowledge, refreshes your memory and points out your mistakes.
If you are from a non-math group at the 10+2 level, revise important mathematical formulae and make sure you have a good grasp of high school standard mathematics.
Be thorough with Class 12 basics in physics, chemistry and biology. Questions are asked from all the sections of the Class 12 board.
Buy reference books and solve mock papers. But don’t buy too many books – reading one book thoroughly is better than just skimming through ten books.
Some popular reference books are
Concepts of Physics by HC Verma
Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon
Objective Biology by Dinesh

Old question papers are a gold mine. At least 10% to 30% of question papers have repeat questions. Make sure you solve all old question papers before the exam.
Take it topic by topic. Test yourself on each individual topic and take sample tests for each topic, evaluate your performance and then move on to the next topic.
Prepare a timetable. Apart from what the coaching centre gives you, prepare a timetable for yourself to study at your own pace, focusing on your weaker areas.

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