n-factor of CO 2 formed when calcium carbonate is heated is Zero 1 2 3

n-factor of CO2 formed when calcium carbonate is heated is
  1. Zero
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 3


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4 years ago
n is equal to 2 for carbonate. How did we arrive with that answer. Here is the justification: 

Carbonate, CO3^ 2-, a weak base easily abstracts a hydrogen to give bicarbonate, HCO3^ -. Then the bicarbonate specie would abstract another hydrogen from the environment to give carbonic acid, H2CO3. There are 2 hydrogens needed for every carbonate specie. 

The same reasoning is found with phosphate, PO4^ 3-, n = 3. It is not calculated, it is based on reactions undergone by the specie.

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