Like jee for NEET give me study time table for 5months

Like jee for NEET give me study time table for 5months

Grade:12th pass

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Simran Vinaik
askIITians Faculty 1230 Points
5 years ago
5 months are enough for preparation if you study 12 hours from now on.
Firstly, you need to choose your study material wisely. If you are attending a coaching institute or you have any institue study material, that is enough alongwith Ncert books. You may add Mcq books if the need arises.Refer toAsk iitians module.It is more than sufficient along with NCERT.
2 hours to Physics. Pick up a topic from say 11th and if you finish it in two days, pick up the topic from 12th syllabus after that. Practice more numericals.
2 hours to chemistry. Understand the concepts of organic first and try to remember as much as possible.
2 hours to Biology, one hour each to Botany & zoology. Make diagrams and notes for topics like Human physiology, Plant physiology, Classification. Plus try to solve as many questions as possible. It will keep boost your confidence.
Give 2 hours to writing down notes, only for important topics & topics you find difficult or lengthy.
Give 2 hours to attempt mcq’s.
Give 2 hours to go through solved examples inNcertor Ncert exemplar problems to imbibe the concepts.
Prabha Gupta
61 Points
5 years ago
If you can put in 3 hours (most recommended) per subject, then it would be better for your score. Spend these 2-3 hours for solving MCQS or revising theory based on the amount of time you have in hand. Put yourself hard Synopsis, MCQ Training, Test.

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