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Is chemistry ncert enough for cracking aiims and neet?

Is chemistry ncert enough for cracking aiims and neet?


3 Answers

Umakant biswal
5359 Points
4 years ago
@ sakshi 
No , not completely , i cannot say ncert are enough , its enough or inorganic part only . 
and as far as neet is concerned , then u can manage to crack itr with ncert only , but not aiims , 
in aiims (physical chemistry ) parallel processing of mind are thinking power is required while in neet u need to only think and mark the answer . 
so, for inorganic ncert is sufficient , for physical go for arihant publication books , and for organic , as u have less amount of time , u can go with ncert only , 
but read ncert twice and make your concept clear . 
biswajit mohanty
13 Points
4 years ago
Dude.. ..inorganic is fully based on ncert as it requires a lot mugging up so no paper setter goes beyond it for physical u mst have deep concept if can do ques by reading ncert thn its cool else refer grb publication and organic reactions are asked beyond ncert which u may get frm grb.. .
102 Points
3 years ago
For neet NCERT chemistry is enough.But for aiims it is not enough.You have to read another standard book like o.p tendon and arihant.

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