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Grade: 12


For medical competitive exams should i study class 11 syllabus chapter wise or subject wise. I mean to say should i do first physics completely and then do chemistry or shoulder i do one chapter of physics and then physics??? Which one is beneficial and can help me complete 11 syllabus nicely and properly??? Any answer give will be approved (:

4 years ago

Answers : (2)

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Hi sakshi
you should do unit wise all the three subjects. i mean you can first complete mechanics or any other unit you want of physics. then you must move on to chemistry to complete related chapters like you can first complete chapters related with the periodic table.
Actually thing is if you do your syllabus in this way, it will be benificial as your interest will be maintained well and you will get better results in short span:}
4 years ago
Umakant biswal
5359 Points
@ sakshi 
you have to all the 3 subjects simoultaneously. if u will do one subject frst and then anathor subject then obviously u will face problems . 
after u complted ur chemistry , fully , suppose u start physics , then after 10 days u will going to forget 50 percent of chemistry reaction . 
and previously , i told you aiims is a very competetive exam . getting that req. obviously regular practice . 
so, u need to do all the 3 subject per week , and then on saturday and sunday u have to revise it with your small notes and maintain a formula book for phy and a reaction list for chemistry . 
that will help u with the previous day preparation of aiims exam , so, that u will not panic what to study . 
4 years ago
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