i got 7000 in b arch will i get a seat in iit khargpur

i got 7000 in b arch 
will i get a seat in iit khargpur 

Grade:12th pass

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5 years ago
Dear student, please use the link below to know the colleges you can get with this rank
In case you don't get a good college on the basis of this rank, then you can opt for some of the good private universities like LPU, SRM, VIT, etc offering B.Arch.
They have their different criteria for admissions. Some offer admission on basis of JEE scores, and some offer admission on the basis of NATA. Some of the universities also offer scholarships on basis of your performance in class 12 or JEE or NATA.
All these universities offer world class learning atmosphere to students along with good placements. Some even offer good scholarships. Check their websites for more details.
Good luck.
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5 years ago
I hope it helps. which offer excellent learning atmosphere to their students.I can enlist some universities for your help -Lovely Professional University,Manav Rachna University,Sharda University etc.So it is advisable if you earn your degree from a well known university which provides prime placement opportunity, outstanding industrial exposure and professional enhancement training.Some well-known private universities offer B.Arch. NATA, JEE scores and marks in entrance tests form the basis of admission. Moreover, percentage or marks of 12th standard are also taken into consideration.  If you don't get admission in desired college, do not get disoriented. Rather try and search about the reputation and the placements offered by some private universities.

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