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How to make my mechanics strong for JEE mains. I am not able to solve problems of mechanics

How to make my mechanics strong for JEE mains. I am not able to solve problems of mechanics


3 Answers

askIITians Faculty 2095 Points
3 years ago
Dear student,

The most important part of preparing oneself for Mechanics is imagining most of the motion through shear intuition. Solve every question and try to imagine the motion of all objects, let’s say the blocks given in the question. This will give you an insight into the problem and help you decide better what concept must be applied in the particular question.
Mohammed Meraj
26 Points
2 years ago
hey there ,
i was also having the same problem . but as soon as i started clearing my concepts it become quite easier .first go through all the basics and try solved examples in books like dc pandey.once you got them will be able to solve most of the questions . whenever you stuck in aquestion read it carefully again and again untill you understand it. write down all the formulae you know will gradually develop.
mahima pareek
20 Points
2 years ago
Mechanics alike any other topic in physics requires not just the theoretical or numerical knowledge but also a practical approach. 
You go through all the concepts and write them down just for once and also the important formulae like in three dimensional motion. After this try to solve questions (of nominal level) for once and if you face any problem then look into the papers as said above.
Soon you'll get a hold of the practical knowledge too by visualizing the motion of body. 

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