if i get 105 marks obc what rank shall i expect

if i get 105 marks obc what rank shall i expect

Grade:Upto college level

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askiitianexpert charu-iitd
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13 years ago

Dear Sree,

I feel sad to tell you that this score might not get you to qualify JEE. 


I would say that scoring 105 needs efforts and you are capable of scoring much better next year.


I advice you to concentrate on the other results and if you get a good college and branch like Nits, you must go for them and appear for JEE 2011  too because most of the first year sylabus is a recap of the JEE course and it helps you to score well the next year. 


And if you do not , then instead of joining any college just out of uncertainty, give yourself a chance and work harder with more dedication .. :) 


I wish you lots and lots of luck and also advice you to be in touch here and solve your queries. Its better to ask and be relaxed... :)



Askiitian Expert

Charu Nigam

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