sir how i can complete my organic part give me some tips

sir how i can complete my organic part give me some tips

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Its very important time for students,From now you should start working hard.

Main thing is to complete the chapter with better understanding.No use of suach a strategy to finish the chapter in less time and not able to  solve the question from that topic.

for rest of time you  should start revising the previous chapter which is already tought in coaching.

while revising you must complete all the concept of that chapter,previous IIT JEE question based upon that topic,questions

from your study material,and Solved and unsolved question of the  text book you are following.

I will suggest you to join any test series.wher you can compair with others.and also you will know the possible changing

pattern of IIT JEE as well as you will learn how to use your 3 hours in attempting the different portion of the paper.
once you start scoring good score your confidence level will increse.

you can join online test series it will save your time

Just stay calm and focus on understanding rather than mugging. Be regular in class and stay with concepts.

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