please give me some tips for getting a good score in mains and bitsat ? from which year more questions come i,e 11th or 12th ? what are the most scoring topics ? please reply ...

please give me some tips for getting a good score in  mains and bitsat ? from which year more questions come i,e 11th or 12th ? what  are  the most scoring topics ? please reply ...


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Sourabh Singh IIT Patna
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8 years ago

Seven Steps for effective Time Management
Have an organized work place
Maintain a proper planner for study
Plan out your daily activity based on their importance level
Identify the times of highs and lows in a day and try to dedicate that time in serious studyPractice Scheduling you day:-
Plan ahead, the amount of time a particular subject or syllabus would require to prepare it for cracking these exams
Consider if weather activities can be combined
Create a timetable that would divide the study schedule into periods so that you can concentrate on all three subjects equally
Keep altering the periods so to avoid monotony or boredom
Try to be flexible in schedules and take regular breaks so as to keep your concentration intactTask Priority:-
Prioritize the subject of the exams based on the difficulty level and weightage in exam
Use ABC technique to prioritize task :-

A – Task which are urgent and important
B – Task which are important but not urgent
C – Task which are neither urgent nor important

Don’t postpone small task – this will give you sense of achievement
Set short term and long term goals both

Avoid Over load:-
JEE Main exams would test your basic concepts, so do not overload the brain. Focus and learn the concepts and the route to success would automatically become easier.
Include sufficient time for rest, sleep, eating, exercise, and socializing in your daily schedule

Take short breaks during study and work periods.
Reward yourself for each achieved goal and each met deadline
This would act as an excellent motivator and would give you something to look forward to

Utilize Effective Study Techniques:
An appropriate study environment is essential
Split large tasks into smaller, manageable tasks.
Clarify doubts as soon as possible, rather than waiting until the day before the exam
Study the most difficult subject/chapters first and keep revising them
Practice problems from previous years question
Give regular testsFlexibility:
It is important to be flexible with the time schedule and have alternative plans in case of an unexpected occurrence of events.
Know how to rearrange your schedule when necessary
Never hesitate to ask for help when neededSet Realistic Goals:
Set a vision. It is important to set long-term goals in order to achieve success.
Verify whether the activities or plans are ultimately helping to achieve the set goals.
Never be confused about the priorities
Always have a positive attitude!

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