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what level of questions are asked in maths?

what level of questions are asked in maths?


1 Answers

Aravind Bommera
36 Points
8 years ago

Dear Om Prakash,
the difficulty level of a exam paper depends on the way you have prepared for the exam. If you have prepared well and familiar with all the concepts then the paper will be easy.
The syllabus for the exam includes mainly those from the central board of secondary education and also from the state board syllabus. Few tips to score more marks in the exam are
1. Do your regular preparations for the exam.
2. Practice mathematical sums. Do not give only overview.
3. Refer previous year question papers and get the guidance of seniors if you have touch with them.
So a good preparation will always help you to get more marks.

If you are preparing for maths questions AIEEE
2013, then you must understand that the level of difficulty in this papers.For a normal student,In
Mathematics, 32% questions were easy, 58% medium level, 10% hard.

AIEEE Syllabus 2012 For Mathematics consists of Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus, Statistics etc. For the basic preparation of AIEEE Mathematics class 11th and 12th books are enough but for practice you need to solve lots of multiple choice questions of AIEEE standard. Sound understanding of Mathematics formulae and theorems is essential to qualify in AIEEE mathematics paper. Weightage for number of question in each section varies from year to year basis.

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