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swapan jain Grade:

I will get IT both in DTU and NSIT.DTU is much closer to my home.But everyone says NSIT is better in IT.Plz explain -Why is NSIT better in CS and IT-in which field(faculty,infrastructure,placements)plz help.Do companies that visit NSIT also visit DTU?


5 years ago

Answers : (1)

kavish Dwivedi
94 Points

I am telling you the important software companies that visit both the camusees...this is from their websites...I have only mentioned the compaies only which are good payers and given data of MNNIT too to compare whats it like with comparison to top NITs too...surely NSIT looks better from this it with their pay pakages will get a pretty nice idea...


1.ADOBE(8 lacks p.a.)

2.CDOT(7.2 lacks p.a. govt job)

3.CISCO(9 lacks p.a.)

4.GOOGLE(18 lacks p.a.)

5.YAHOO(9 lacks p.a.)

6.MICROSOFT(15.5 lacks p.a.)

7.ORACLE(11.5 lacks p.a.)


1.YAHOO(9 lacks p.a.)

2.ORACLE(11.5 lacks p.a.)

3.CISCO(9 lacks p.a.)

4.MICROSOFT(15.5 lacks p.a)

5.CITRIX(9.5 lacks p.a.)


1.AMAZON(15.5 lacks p.a.)

2.ADOBE(8 lacks p.a.)

3.CDOT(7.2 lacks p.a.)

4.CISCO(9 lacks p.a.)

5.DIRECT I(10.5 lacks p.a.)

6.GOLDMAN SACHS(12.5 lacks p.a.)

7.MICROSOFT(15.5 lacks p.a.)

8.NETAPP(10.5 lacks p.a.)

9.ORACLE(11.5 lacks p.a.)

10.YAHOO(9 lacks p.a.)

11.GOOGLE(18 lacks p.a.)

12.FACEBOOK(1.33 crore p.a.)

5 years ago
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