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ashis ashis Grade:


I gave my aieee exam offline. I attempted 69 questions. OMR sheet displayed by AIEEE showing the Recorded Responses also show the same. I cross checked the answers with Resonance Key, Bansal Key etc and my marks are working out to 211. (56 questions correct and 13 questions Wrong).

However, i am surprised to get my official mark as 202. By any combination of correct and incorrect answers, this mark of 202 will come. Moreover, my marks as compared to the Keys published by various institutes is far less.

I am quite preplexed as to how this can happen and what is to be done now? Because of this, my ranking must have gone by at least 2000 Nos.

Pl advise?

5 years ago

Answers : (1)

kavish Dwivedi
94 Points

see there is always a +-20 marks difference among the solutions provided by coaching institutes and the solutions of aieee or IIT-JEE..every year there are some mistakes done by IIT-JEE an AIEEE board regarding this but since there is much more hype of iit jee its mistake gets corrected in form of multiple answers or bonus questions...unfortunately there have not been such cases in amount with aieee...they chek with their own solutions .... they commit mistakes but dont correct them...what i would advice you is to file an rti complaint regarding this asap for getting the answers given by the aieee board and then match your solutions ...if you find discrepancies report it to their office with your solutions which you think is right and if they do something about it then its OK,otherwise then court and all would be too much for you...

5 years ago
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