what is the scope in software engineering

what is the scope in software engineering



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Godfrey Classic Prince
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12 years ago

Dear smriti kamboj,

Well most of the students placed land up as software engineers !!

The industry is a huge hit !!! There are also some pains that come along with this jackpot !!!

The main drawback being a Software Engineer is that you have to work on shifts , mostly night shifts !!

These are absolutely tiring ....& you get kind of blown off by sitting in front of the computer a whole night !!!!!!!!

That can really spoil all health & mainly it disturbs the biological clock in you & you go to sleep at times you never have gone to and then wake up in the middle of the day still half-asleep ...

Well the good thing is that you have some generous amount of money that can buy you your freshness dose of tablets but i ask why this patient life ????

The Ultimate Loser is gonna be You .....if you health is lost, then something is lost !!!!!


I am absolutely against this because it ruins you !!!

 My Cousin is now looking as a nerd after getting placed in infosys .....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he told me all this & that made me deviate away from Computer Science & Engineeirng totally & i took ECE @ IIT-Madras !!


This is some ugly advice but im serious !!!!

Please consider twice if you really wanna go for Software side of Engineering ...

Thank You.


Hema kapoor
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12 years ago

thanu godfrey sir..

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