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Grade: 12
        AIEEE the name that freaks me ouuta my bed at night!!!

I hav finished only 1/3 of my portions and im havin no coachin for aieee not even crash course bcos my grndpa is sick and my family has spent for him nearly everything !@!!
I luv him and i wanna crack aieee for sure and im havin that never say die attitude still burning deep down inside of me ...

I wanna crack aieee YES !!!! But im lackin the resources..
Mathematics i have only completed integrals but in chemistry i have gone to some 10 chapters (thats all !!)

But i belive in myself more than anyone else does and i can crack aieee for sure so i want a time table to crack aieee in 40 days ..

Pls give me some motivation & tips on hw to crack aieee in 40 days???

Thank you !!!!
8 years ago

Answers : (2)

vikas askiitian expert
509 Points

dear geoffrey , we are having 42 days & be always +ve ....dont loose ur confidence at any cost & i thnk this time is 

sufficient to crack aieee ...if u do the selected topics then it will be more benificial as time is i  m giving u a list of topics which u have to prepare,


CHEMESTRY - [atomic structure , chemical bonding, solid state , solution , chemical kinetics , electro chemestry ,

equilibrium , thermo chemestry]

minimum 60- 70  marks out of 140 is  from these topics ...


around 35  - 45 marks is  from organic ...

so if ur basics are clear then u can get all marks from this section ...


physics - [work power energy ,  rotational mechanics (mainly moment of inertia of rigid bodies)  ,

center of mass , electrostatics , magnetics , optics ( refraction of light , prism , total internal reflection) ,

atoms & nuclie (stablity of nuclieds , half life , moselay experiment (x rays) , bohrs model , debroglie relation ,

photo electric effect  ]

try to finish a chapter within 2 days....  select any chapter from ur own & complete it also 

revision formulas time to time ....


only on the basis of these all chapters u can get a gud rank  , maths is highly time consuming subject so

i thnk its better to leave this ... your focus should be more  towards chemestry ....

so work hard dear , u will defenately be selected ...

8 years ago
bhanuveer danduboyina
95 Points

Read all the shortcut formulae and synopsis of every chapter as AIEEE does not focus deep into the subject

8 years ago
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  • Test paper with Video Solution
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
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