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Dev Gurjar Grade: 12


Please help me out..

I've taken admsn in chemical engg in NIT bhopal... So, please let me know how's the faculty dere??

College's profile?? Its placements??etc etc..

And also please tell me wat is its actuall rank in all over many rank lists show it at 33rd position some at 24th etc out of them which one is more reliable and correct???

please help...i'll be hidhly grateful to you..

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

AskiitianExpert Shine
10 Points


The ranks given by the survey are justy an indicator of the overview of the colleges performance. Some surveys include more colleges and thus the ranks does vary as per different surveys. There are also differences in the ranking coz differnt surveys use diff parameters to rate the colleges. So, u do not need to follow these rankings so rigorously .

24 or 33, both the positions are good as the top positions are taken by IITs , BITs, NIT T, W etc, so NIT Bhopal being in between 20 -30 is nt bad at all. NIT Bhopal has nt displayed its placement scenario , so wont be able to updat eu with that , but i can say that an avearge package of 4- 4.5 lacs can be expected.

The faculty would be good, as it enjoys the status of an NIT and being a recognised NIT , it would be having a good faculty. As far as ur branch of study is concerned , i can assure u that chemical engg. is one of the best engg. streams to study, and also its placement record is good too.

8 years ago
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