what are top mechanical eng. colleges and their cutoff marks of 2010

what are top mechanical eng. colleges and their cutoff marks of 2010


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Dear student,

1) Mechanical Engineering Department, IIT
Delhi Hauz Khas, New Delhi. Ph: + +91-11-2659 6139

This institute is considered as best among Indian Universities in the field of mechanical engineering. They offer undergraduate course in mechanical engineering and aims to produce globally best engineers.
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2) Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)
Powai, Mumbai. Ph: +91- 22 - 25722545

The department is well known for different fields of specialization they are offering. Placement cell is much more efficient in this institute and laboratory facilities have been upgraded time to time. Useful links:
3) Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)
Kharagpur, Kolkata. Ph: +91-3222-255221

IIT, Kharagpur is regarded as one among the best institute in India for mechanical engineering and various specializations. They are offering advanced studies in mechanical engineering.
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4) Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)
I.I.T Post Office, Chennai. Ph: + 91-044-22570509

This academic institution is meant for developing prospective vision and is dynamic with society and environment, creating new ideas and technologies for the world.
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5) Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)
Kanpur, U.P. Ph: +91- 512-2597620

The institute is meant for creating cutting edge technologies and imparting high end training for engineering students. The place is in close contact with MNCs and too industrial giants in India.
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6) Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)
Guwahati, Assam. Ph: +91-361-2583000

IIT, Guwahati, is one of the premier institutes in engineering, technology and science in India. Eminent set of professors and lectures with close industrial contact has made this Institute one among top in India.
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7) Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)
Roorkee, Uttaranchal. Ph: +91-1332-272349

Department of engineering, IIT, Roorkee is destined to incarnate highly professional mechanical engineers for the world. The institute provide high quality infrastructure to foster the growth of intellectual wealth and innovative ideas among aspirants for developing modern technologies.
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8) Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Mesra, Ranchi, Jharkhand. Ph: +91-651-2275444 (599)

The quality of education and training fas made them ranked as one among the best Indian institute for mechanical engineering. The graduate holders from this institute is working in major MNCs and Indian giants.
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9) College of Engineering
Anna University, Guindy, Chennai. Ph: +91- 044 - 22351723

The college of Engineering in Anna University is considered as one among the best in mechanical engineering. Scholars and reputed professors from other places are also taking invited lectures in this college.
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10) Bengal Engineering College
Shibpur, Howrah. Ph: 91-33-26684561

This is one of the oldest department sin India and has been commenced by 1921. they are giving hands on training for industrially important practicals and have collaboration with foreign Universities
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