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piyush joshi Grade: Upto college level


i got ismu dhanbad mining

pls tell me is there any risk in d  college and in d field work too

and tell me d scope in that field...

and is there any provision of branch change from mining to petroleum within the college

plss help

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

Pratham Ashish
17 Points

hi piyush,

it is not like dat u r at risk in d field work but rather i will say dat yes d situations in d field work will be quite tougher n u hav to cope up wid dat....regarding d scopes i suggest dat d placement of mining n petroleum at ism dhanbad is very descent n quite higher dan other branches der,so u needn't hav to worry abt d jobs ..n companies r same for petroleum n mining as most of d petroleum companies r involved in mining works also so dey recruit both type of enggers..but i must say dat working conditions at  d dites is quite difficult but if u go to petroleum engg den also working conditions r almost same.... n for chemical core guys d case is u needn't think much abt it as it doesn't require more dan 1 year to adjust in dat type of working conditions..also i wanna add dat u can go to different field after ur gradution like in finance sector,as dese companies also come to d campus or u may shift to mba thing as in these case u hav a repectful degree of btech from a very gud institute.....

Regarding ur query of provision of branch change , i will say dat u can change ur branch at d end of 1st year if u hav worked really hard n ur maintained a very gud cgpa.....

8 years ago
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