with 1902 air rank can i get 4 year cse at iiit hyderabad in second counselling

with 1902 air rank can i get 4 year cse at iiit hyderabad in second counselling


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Pratham Ashish
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14 years ago

hi krishna,

in my opinion u may take 5 year mtech cse at iiit hyderabad n u r getting dat easily wid ur rank ... i wud add dat ur rank is very impressive n u can get cse in nit warangal or trichy as these r also better options..

Regarding getting 4 year cse at iiit hyderabad , i wud say dat if u don't get it into ur 1st counselling den u may hav a little chance of getting dat in 2nd counselling n it totally depends on ur luck as hw many seats remained vacant n hw many of aspirants r der wid higher rank dan urs..

so according to me if u really wanna do cs from iiit den u can take 5 year cse programme as one year doesn't count too much n also u will get mtech + btech , so dat will increase ur chances in d market during placement season..n many companies prefer mtechs over u must opt for it as u wanna do cs from iiit only...

u may also think of nitw or nitt as dey r also well recognised institutes n also provide better future prospects.

anirudh alameluvari
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14 years ago

Yes.  I totally agree with Ashish remarks.

ulfar risker
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14 years ago

Well I guess you already would have got your seat allocated by now, but still just for your information IIIT Hyderabad never participates in 2nd councelling (even if any seat goes empty).

With a 1902 rank I guess you would not get a Btech seat, but you can get a 5 year MS Dual degree (Btech + MS). (5 years is a misnomer)

Note that this MS by research is not Mtech (by courses) where you just finish courses, but here you are required to do your thesis. Typically IIIT-Hyderabad funds all MS students (tuition fee + stipend) from fourth year onwards, so that is a plus, but then finishing MS on time has been really tough for most people. The academic standards are really quite tough and you would need to do research and publish papers to get your thesis accepted, all that which would require hard work, lest which finishing your MS would take more time.

But then, MS by research is an esteemed degree, and you should go for it. Even at IIIT a significant number of Btechs shift to the MS Dual in their 3rd year. It would make it easy for you to get job positions in research labs or PhD admits in top US universities, which otherwise is difficult to get with a normal BTech.



kotipalli keerthi
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13 years ago

sorry   i  think   my   reply  is    a   bit   late. You    will    definitely  get   it   &  i  think   you   should  have   got  it  by  this   time

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