hello SIR!! Is it safe to give AIEEE 2011 online or offline ? whats ur opinion regarding that ??

hello SIR!!
Is it safe to give AIEEE 2011 online or offline ?
whats ur opinion regarding that ??


4 Answers

AKASH GOYAL AskiitiansExpert-IITD
420 Points
13 years ago

Dear Prakash

In my opinion you should give offline exam. you can do better with pen increases your speed and accuracy also. in online you can see one question at a time. you have to go back again and again. it kills time. offline is very convinient than online.

All the best.                                                           




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Deepak Ghansela
43 Points
13 years ago

Dear Prakash I will recommend u to give it offline.

Firstly it's just first time AIEEE is going online there could be some problems or confusions in students mind regarding the paper.

Secondly giving offline gives u an advantage as u are used to giving these test in your instititute, that will help u in exam environment.

Thirdly it's just for 1 lakh of students out of more than 10 lacs students who attempt AIEEE exam so there is no surity that if u choose to give it online then u will get that as it is based on first come first criteria.

That is why i suggest u to give it offline if u are able to reach it's centre comfortably.

Well these are just my suggestions, the last decision will be yours.

For more help we are here.

All the Best..............

Souradeep Majumder
80 Points
13 years ago

OBVIOUSLY OFFLINE............. DONT TAKE ANY RISK................  BE SAFE............


APPROVE MY ANSWER..................

Raghunath Yadav Karike
35 Points
13 years ago

In my openion it is better to take the exam in offline. If u have any problem regarding taking the exam in offline then u can proceed in online.

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